Hello! This page isn't so much to teach the exact drum parts of the songs, but to explain the setup and the mix of electric and acoustic drums as well as the backing track system so that you know what to expect at rehearsal. Also hopefully it gives you a better picture of how the live show works and which parts you will be playing. If you have any questions we can go over them at rehearsal or feel free to call or email us. 

As far as the live show goes, our goal is to keep the songs as close to the studio versions as possible. Most of what you'll be doing is holding down Kick, Snare, and Hi Hat grooves with some occasional fills. If you do start playing with us regularly there are more percussion parts that we currently have in the backing track that you could take over playing.



First thing to note is that you will have this table beside your drum kit. You can ignore most of it. All you need to worry about is the Launchpad to the right of the laptop.


Each song on the setlist has a color. By pressing the play button (circled above) for each color you start the backing track that is sent to the front of house as well as the click track/backing track sent to your headphones. Before each song you are given 2 bars of click. 1 for yourself, and one to count in the rest of the band. This also automatically changes the group of samples on our Roland SPDSX (we'll get to this soon). 



Here is the basic setup. You can move the pieces around to wherever is best for you. The kick drum is triggering an electronic sample. And there is a pad for the main snare sound (the snare sound used in the hook or chorus of the songs) we're planning to change to a nicer snare pad, or trigger an actual snare. The hats and crash pictured here sound terrible and you should bring your own. Most drummers we've played with also bring their own kick pedal and throne. This kick is decent sounding but you're also welcome to bring your own. The brain of the setup is the Roland SPDSX which has various samples programmed in it for each song.

Bellow here i'm going to go into how the SPDSX is used for each song. There will be a download for each songs, as well as a download of the backing tracks you will be playing to. 

(Note, the samples are loaded onto the pads our past drummer wanted them. We can move them around eventually if you want to.)



Where Do We Run starts with 4 on the floor kick.
At the 0:18 mark you bring in the Verse Snare.
At 0:33 there's a break before the chorus that has 3 snare hits these are played on the Fill Snare Pad.
Chorus hits at 0:35 you bring in hats and the Main Snare.
2nd Verse back to kick and Verse Snare for the next verse.
Repeat the fill.
2nd Chorus Main snare and hats again.
The bridge you just play Kick.
Repeat the fill.
Final chorus/outro.

This is the basic info and hopefully it helps you put the song together. For all these songs i'm leaving out some specifics of the parts, which you can fill in when you listen to and learn the songs. Also not including stuff like crash cymbal hits (which although not on the record can be used a lot in the choruses of the songs), some of the breaks and pauses, and other little embelishments. 



There's a synth swell that starts Everywhere Tonight then the drums start with kick and Verse Boop.
Pre chorus at 0:27 the Boob switches to the Pre Chorus Snare.
The drums drop at for the first half of the Chorus at 0:36.
At 0:45 there's a kinda march-y rolling buildup part that is played on the Roll Snare.
At 0:54 the Post Chorus hits and here you're back in with Kick, Main Snare, and Hats.
2nd verse back to Verse Boop.
2nd Pre Chorus (same as before).
2nd Chorus (same as before).
Bridge (same as the pre-chorus).
Final Chorus / Outro.


There's nothing played on the SPDSX, it's all kick and main snare.

1st Verse Nothing
1st Pre Snare
1st Chorus Snare and Kick
2nd Verse Snare
2nd Pre Snare and Kick
2nd Chorus Snare and Kick
Final Chorus / Outro



Intro no drums.
1st Verse at 0:18 in with Verse Hat.
0:35 bring in Verse Clap.
Chorus in at 0:53 where you bring in kick, switch to real hats as well as the Main Snare.
2nd Verse kick, verse clap, verse hat.
2nd Chorus (Same as first).
Drums out for first half of bridge.
At 2:48 kick and verse snare come in for second half of the bridge.
At 3:00 there's a tom fill which you play on the Fill Tom Pads.
Final Chorus.



Drums start half way through intro with Kick and Verse snare this continues through the 1st verse and pre chorus.
0:46 Chorus switch to Main Snare which is in half time.
2nd verse back to Verse snare, drop out kick for first half. Bring it in at 1:11.
2nd Pre Chorus (same as first).
2nd Chorus, Main Snare high hat comes in in this chorus.
Breakdown pre chorus, just verse snare but in half time.
Final Chorus/Outro.



This is a Don Henley cover, we play it pretty much close to the original.



1st Verse just verse snare
1st 2nd Pre Chorus bring in kick
1st Chorus/Hook bring in hats and switch to main snare
2nd Verse kick and verse snare
2nd Pre Chorus kick and verse snare
2nd Chorus bring in hats and switch to main snare
Bridge beat changes
Final Chorus/Hook



1st verse just Verse Snare.
Pre Chorus bring in Kick.
Drums out for first Chorus.
0:57 1st Hook hits bring in kick main snare and hats.
2nd Verse kick and verse snare.
2nd Pre Chorus bring in Hats.
2nd Chorus Kick, Main Snare, Hats.
Drums out for beginning of bridge.
4 on floor kick comes in at 2:20 .
Final Chorus.
Final Hook.


Beautiful (Kit).jpg

This is a Prince cover, we play it pretty close to the original but you can make the beat your own. The main idea is to stay on the small snare until the song builds up into the outro part then switch to main snare.