Posh Hammer is a synthpop duo comprised of siblings Navied and Tasnim. Together they write, program, and produce songs that spin a unique take on contemporary pop.

From an early age, they were exposed to the likes of David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and Bryan Ferry. Having a natural curiosity for creating and performing music, they took the stage for the first time at just 13 and 14 years old.

As a duo they have spent the last 5 years curating their sound, taking inspiration from mainstream pop, and re-interpreting the genre, providing context to give these stylistic trends new meaning. With their catchy lyrics, and infectious beats, Posh Hammer have crafted their live show into a sing along dance party while playing a variety of venues in the SouthEast.

While performing and writing, Posh Hammer also had the desire to show support to the LGBTQ community, and help ensure equal rights for all. They've had the incredible opportunity to show this support by playing Pride Festivals from Raleigh to D.C. to Indianapolis. 

Their upcoming release, Dancing In Place, is their most creative endeavor yet, a visual EP directed by Navied and staring Tasnim. Over the course of 5 songs and 5 videos Posh Hammer explored the relationship between two Instagram celebrities searching for love while their lives are dominated by the way they present themselves to the world. The project examines alienation, disconnection, and the unique problems life in the social media age presents.

Set to be released in Spring of 2018, Dancing in Place will be a feast for the senses. They describes it as, “Taylor Swift scores a Michelangelo Antonioni film about love in the digital age.”



Two social media celebrities search for love and connection while their lives are dominated by the ways they have to present themselves to the world. Navied Setayesh's directorial debut seeks to explore the effects of the online world on human interaction. '‘Dancing In Place’ is a study into alienation and the unique problems life in the social media age presents.


“Posh Hammer’s musical talent and influences belie their age.” - Asheville Citizen Times

“Posh Hammer’s songs range from dance-pop earworms to heartfelt love songs.” - Asheville Citizen Times

“Posh Hammer has learned much in a relatively short time about what it takes to be successful in the music industry.” - Mountain Xpress

“This ambitious debut from Asheville’s Posh Hammer is both a seasoned stylistic mix and an energetic beginning for a fledgling band” - WNC Magazine

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