"Posh Hammer's new EP Dancing in Place spoons together the classic smattering of synths of the '80s with a rose-cheeked hopefulness of today's youth. They are certainly wise beyond their years, and the level of care they exude on the record in style, delivery, and wisdom is magnetizing and sweet." - Popdust

"Posh Hammer has shown a fiery vigor with their work and the results are breathtaking. Their melding of synth-pop and rich lyrics create a space in which hope lives and one where the tenacity and power of youth shine brilliantly. With their talent for story-telling and of creating catchy soundscapes, Posh Hammer is a duo to be on the lookout for." - Atwood Magazine


Growing up in the millennium can be downright grueling. Synth-pop duo Posh Hammer bring to light the ravages of young adulthood with their forthcoming new EP, Dancing In Place, which stages a story about two love-torn celebrities who must navigate the demands of social media and keep their romance from falling apart. Hot off the heels of winning the Van Gogh Award at the 2018 Amsterdam Film Festival for the visual component of the EP, and snagging a selection slot at the 2018 Richmond International Film Festival, the sibling duo of Tasnim (vocals) and Navied (production) are armed with a necessary and wholly inventive piece.

Visually speaking, first time director Navied drew upon his adoration with an Italian director named Michelangelo Antonioni, whose early 1960s trilogy (L’Avventura, La Notte and L’Eclisse) observed how isolation and alienation affect the social scene of the times. Strewn across playful uses of lighting and spatial relationships, the videos utilize pop trends to frame a fresh perspective and bring Antonioni’s themes into 2018. 

Growing up in Asheville, NC, Tasnim and Navied were exposed to David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Bryan Ferry, pop titans who instilled them with the basics of how pop music works. “Bowie taught us it was OK to be different,” Tasnim says. “Not listening to the music other kids were listening to was kind of weird but it was good for us.” Their father, an Iranian immigrant, came to the United States with absolutely nothing and built an entire life for himself. That courage had an understandably monumental impact on them both. They’re first generation Americans and in 2018, they are being tested in ways many can not even fathom. “It was hard sometimes growing up with a name like Tasnim,” But she brushes it off, choosing to celebrate her uniqueness. “But we were never the ones who wanted to try to fit in.” The band has found a natural and accepting fan base with the LGBTQ community, playing Pride festivals across the country. 

Posh Hammer’s sound is an extension of the darkest shadows of existence reflected in the glistening mirror of popular culture. It’s as commercial as it is truly emotional. Posh Hammer possess a preternatural disposition for upending pop music, and Dancing In Place serves as their first rallying cry of many to come.





Places was shot by Tasnim and Navied over a three day trip to New York City.

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